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Khia says that she’s been too busy getting her neck, back, p-ssy, and crack licked that she hasn’t had much time to even form an opinion on the drama between the two female emcees.

While Khia claims that she wants to be neutral, she’s doing the exact opposite as she talks about her desires for her black King Papoose.

Fisher said the prosecution had originally requested a 13-year sentence — less than the max of 25 years she was facing — but the judge in the case gave the rapper eight years, which Fisher plans to appeal very soon.

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All eyes were on her when she dropped her first album, in 2006.

The album traveled all the way up to number two on the Billboard Rap Charts.

After the sentence was handed down, The Associated Press reported that Papoose screamed, "All you want is money!

" in the hallway outside the courtroom, seemingly addressing Barnes-Joseph, whose civil suit against the Grammy-nominated Ma has been dropped but could be refiled in the future.

We have yet to hear the full story, but the vlogger did share photos of the alleged baby mama on her Instagram account.