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” Of course, being white, I didn’t understand why reading something like that might make a person of color feel marginalized. The other day I received an email from a woman inquiring about the racial diversity of our speeddating events.

She mentioned the photo that accompanied the event page and asked if guests were open to dating people of various races.

While there is nothing wrong with having a preference, I admit to being a bit put off when I read “Looking for skinny, Catholic, white…” at the very top of a profile.

At the end of the event, you pick the top people you were interested in and return the card.

Should there be any mutual matches, the organizers of the event will put you two in touch.

While online dating has totally shed the stigma that was long attached to it, speed dating is still largely seen as a last resort for desperate singles who have failed everywhere else in the dating pool...

for clueless men and women who naively think they’re going to meet their Prince Charmings and Snow Whites in a Times Square hotel meeting room. I pictured a snaking line of dolled-up girls changing seats at a dinging bell in front of a small handful of awkward, overwhelmed men. In fact, speed dating may actually be NYC’s best-kept dating secret.

But as the years have gone on, the popularity of speed dating has dwindled … Unfortunately, the reality of modern-day speed dating, is that whilst most of the events take place in bars, the general crowd, particularly the men, are not people who are comfortable in bars.