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Co-founder and CBDO Nova said, “Urban Crush celebrates African-American culture and identity, and we want to become a partner on this path toward helping others find true love.

Our goal is to become the premier dating app for black millennials connecting them across the country.” CEO Kreizman said, “It was something we identified as lacking in the vibrant African-American singles community and something we hope adds to the overall dating experience.” Similar to Tinder, “Urban Crush” requires users to sign up with Facebook and allows users to choose musical preferences and geographic location then gives you the option to either hit “Crush” or “Nah.” “Urban Crush” may change the way young, fast-paced urban individuals connect with each other.

The reason Black needs fabricated profiles to fill up the site is because there aren’t any real people who are members and using the service.

Everything you see on the Fantasy Cuties profiles, from photographs, to age, name, location, personal interests and information, etc. The “Fantasy Cuties” program is a deception used not only to fill up the site with member’s profiles, but to also send computer-automated email and chat messages.

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