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Paikalle tuotuun roskalavaan keräämme mahdollisimman paljon turhaa tavaraa pois nurkistamme. Talkoopäivän ohjelma: Juhlijoita mahtuu noin 40 kpl muutama lapsipaikka pöytien päihin!

I live a conscious life which includes hiking, biking and meditation.

I enjoy Ocean, Bend or Gorge weekends, love Ireland, New Zealand.

“Let him have his boy's night out…he'll probably be talking about you anyway, and then he'll miss you more!

” We're on a mission now at Crushable: Let's vote Donna Barnes and her sensible advice, eloquent yet friendly speaking style, and cute fashion into office as the President of Dates!

None of her videos have over 70k pageviews, and the majority of them barely break the four digits.