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“He beats the tar out of that bike,” says Scott Johnson, owner of Miller’s local shop, Serious Cycling in Agoura Hills.

“We recently changed the parts kit because he blew through the old ones. He just loves to plug away.” We sent Charles Bethea to chase him through the hills and canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains, where he learned firsthand that the same drive that made Miller one of the best shooters in the game has turned him into one heckuva grinder. With mountain biking, I guess I’m one of the first.

FIRST DESCENTS: “There are certain things black people just don’t do, OK? Le Bron pedaled a bike from his house all the way to the arena once, with security. I don’t like the idea of the creatures at night.”THE LONG ROAD: “My hard ride starts right in back of my house on Puerco Canyon Road.

But on trails, I’m one of the only brothers out there biking.”MOTLEY CREW: “I moved to Malibu in 2000. It links up all the canyons in Malibu, which eventually connect in Agoura Hills. I’m a thrill seeker.”CLOSE ENCOUNTER: “You hear things in canyons.

His brother Darrell is a former Major League Baseball player (catcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim); his sister Tammy played volleyball at Cal State Fullerton; and his older sister Cheryl is a Hall of Fame basketball player. One of the family anecdotes Reggie liked to recall was when Cheryl used to beat him in games of 1-on-1 prior to his professional career.