Robert pattinson and kristen stewart announces dating Old men live chat

this weekend, which included a fun (albeit a bit nervous) opening monologue where some SNL castmates – Kate Mc Kinnon and Aidy Bryant – tried to show Stewart that they were just as cool as she was by pretending to be stereotypical badasses. Sleep all day, party all night." "Yeah, that's cool. From the reaction on all three of the stars' faces, it was clear this was a totally accidental moment.

Each has consistently sought out interesting, complex work by some of the world's leading filmmakers, though Pattinson's latest project is a particularly bold turn for the actor.

Looking fairly unrecognisable, almost as much as his bedraggled turn in James Gray's Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, the film unfolds over the course of a single night in New York City, as Pattinson plays a man desperate for cash after a botched robbery sees his brother end up in jail.

It wasn’t this grand statement, ' I was so confused!

) The film will also star Ariane Labed, Tom Burke, and Richard Ayode.

I worked on five movies last year." WATCH: Kristen Stewart Publishes Research Paper on Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Art Then Bryant rolled out on stage on the back of a black Harley Davidson, bragging that the only thing she cares about is sex. "I have sex every single day." "I think that's really healthy. "We've got a good show and I totally care that I'm here because it's the coolest f**king thing ever-" Stewart said, before immediately realizing that she's just dropped an F-Bomb on live TV.