Who is angus t jones dating now dating network with chat facilities that would let

, we’re learning more and more details of his private life.

Now Celebuzz announces that Angus is dating internet celebrity Stalker Sarah… But first, you might be wondering why you don’t know about Stalker Sarah.

“He reached out to her dad and asked to be introduced to her,” one source said.

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WATCH: EXCLUSIVE -- 'Two and a Half Men' Star Holland Taylor Is Dating 'American Horror Story' Actress Sarah Paulson According to an eyewitness, Jones was friendly with everyone, taking selfies with his group in front of the restaurant.

"He seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the attention, but was very nice," the eyewitness says.

Guess when you’re getting paid $350,000 an episode, you can swallow a lot of dirt — and really, who can blame him.

Besides, that whole tirade was probably suspicious anyway — after all, he’s been Skype-ing in his character’s one-liners from the Army this season.

Allegedly they’ve been keeping their relationship secret for several months, and yet it took no time for me to find an entire Flickr gallery’s worth of photos of them cuddling and goofing off.