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“I have a lot of empathy for many of these characters,” Pemberton says. This has been the most productive year in my whole career.

“The whole idea of the show is young people, 20-somethings, just trying to figure out how to survive in North America.

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A former Edmonton soldier who lured young boys on the Internet and used a webcam to engage in online sex acts with some of them was sent to a penitentiary Wednesday.

Matthew Richervezeau, 24, was handed an eight-year prison term after earlier pleading guilty in Provincial Court to 48 various charges, including Internet child luring, invitation to sexual touching, indecent exposure, sexual interference and possession of child pornography.

Carol Todd has flown half-way across the world to sit in The Bunker, the Amsterdam courthouse where the Netherlands’ most notorious criminals are tried, and stares at the back of Aydin Coban’s head.

Coban, 38, trim, bespectacled and with shoulder-length thinning grey-black hair, is accused of sexually extorting Todd’s then-13-year-old daughter, Amanda, and 34 other children and five gay men.

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