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And a whopping 31% of office relationships result in marriage—meaning they can't always be a bad idea, right?Here's how to make sure pursuing love won't cost you your job: Avoid Getting Involved with the Wrong Person According to the Career Builder survey, 24% of intra-office relationships were with someone higher up in the organization.A stunning 20% of people who told Career Builder that they had dated someone at the office admitted that at least one person in the relationship was married.

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Signs your coworkers are dating

Sign #1 – Hyper-attention Kayt Sukel, author of Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships (Free Press, 2012) says that people who are romantically involved get a little obsessed with their intended, especially initially.

In case you haven't heard, work is the singles bar of the 21st century. Unfortunately, for the rest of us who aren't getting busy in the boardroom, it can be a little awkward. unless it starts to impact a project or job performance. It isn't your place to spread rumors about what Tom and Tara are doing after hours.

When I first moved to the DC area in 1978, though, and joined AMS, most of the people in the company were young, and there was a lot of workplace romance.

I came upon the blog entry below on recently, and it doesn’t seem like the basics have changed very much over the decades.

After firing CEO Dov Charney last month, American Apparel decided to update its company code of ethics with stricter guidelines regarding interoffice relationships.