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While Kathie Lee’s children with Gifford, son Cody, 25, and daughter Cassidy, 22, do not receive any outright gifts from their dad in his will, he directed that they were to inherit everything he had given their mom if she died before him.

The will, filed in Greenwich Probate Court last week, indicates that Cody and Cassidy still live with Kathie Lee in the Connecticut home.

He carved out $500,000 each for both his daughter Victoria Gifford, 58, of Washington, DC, and son Jeffrey Gifford, 63, of Nevada.

He also put $1 million in a trust fund for another son, Kyle Gifford, 60, of Connecticut.

It's all part of a raucous daily give-and-take that has made the women not just professional colleagues but close friends. "My Egyptian princess," she announces as she looks approvingly at her sidekick, who grew up in Virginia and West Virginia but whose parents are from Egypt. One day that fall, Kotb, who had never met Gifford, spotted her at a restaurant and had a brainstorm. "She changed the room the minute she got there," Kotb recalls.