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“Once you get beyond 400 threads per square inch, be suspicious.” The standard for counting is to add each warp (vertical) and filling (horizontal) thread per square inch.

The most that normally fits, he said, is 400, after which the threads are thinner and weaker.

No wonder it takes you a few minutes to realize that what he’s “Look! So we’re letting you go even though we are going to keep all of our very expensive Vice Presidents and Senior Directors. And truth be told, nobody is going to miss you, least of all the company but we’re going through the stupid shenanigans to pretend we will because we kinda have to. ” that has to go out the window if you are going to survive the layoffs and come out a winner beyond your wildest imagination. That workplace has not been able to afford integrity as a core value for over a decade now. So let yourself absorb that, digest it, deal with it, and accept that it is hard, really hard, to come to terms with a layoff. You didn’t expect it, and you most certainly don’t deserve it.

My ex-employer just announced its umpteenth layoff. Did you know that layoffs are a decision that is often outsourced to fancy expensive consultants that neither understand the culture nor the value of long-term employees and have only one “skill”: bean counting. But layoffs have nothing to do with you, your talents, your brilliance, your ability and least of all, your future! The relationship has been impaired the moment they let you go, and you are far more worthy than taking on a beggar – yes beggar – position.

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