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We can call it Cinder, the app where downtrodden and abused-by-life princesses go to find a glittery prince who totally wants to hear all about how your friend said something annoying today.

There needs to be a dating app JUST for that kind of guy.

Speaking of Lyle, he's always had a bit of a wild streak, but he's hoping that he can put all of that behind him and settle down with Catherine.

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Lots of arguing, insults and beautiful shots of Savannah? Bravo has released the first trailer for “Southern Charm: Savannah,” its spinoff of the popular “Southern Charm” reality show that’s based in Charleston. So maybe it’s jealousy behind one of the visiting “Southern Charm” cast members calling Savannah “the ugly stepchild of Charleston” in the preview.

From the looks of the trailer, Savannah’s cast brings the drama – and lots of it.

Is it because of all those gratuitous shots of Daniel Eichholz’s naked body and butt crack? As I’ve said, I’m all in on this spin-off (largely because Nelson once pretended to be the “minister plenipotentiary for artistic endeavors,” which might just be the funniest thing I’ve heard on any Bravo show ever, even funnier than Teresa Giudice’s pronuncation of “cumin” and even funnier than everything Bethenny Frankel has ever said about Luann). We’re going to have to review last night’s episode in bullet points because the episode 6 recap of “Southern Charm” really took it out of me. Let’s do this: For one hot minute didn’t you kind of feel like you were watching “The Hills”?

I’ll paraphrase some quotes so they can hear it better.

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