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Jong coined the phrase “zipless f***” in the novel, describing an “absolutely pure” sexual encounter between equal partners, with no ulterior motives.

The term is one of many using explicit phrases in the dramatisation, which will include graphic descriptions of a threesome, masturbation, reference to “finger f******” and the main character longing to be “filled up with a giant p**** spouting semen”, the The 9pm “watershed”, stipulating that anything shown before that time should be suitable for children, does not apply to radio.

My only complaint about the fit would be the parts that hook around your fingers, I'm long so my arms are long and the finger thing fits but I have to stretch the sleeves down, so I could see me taking them on and off all night so I don't loose circulation to my fingers lol!

Besides that the way it fits everywhere else is perfect!

I'm 5'2, 130lbs and it fit somewhat loose around the mid section. The only thing is I feel kind of tricked because I didn't realize the necklace with the heart was attached to the costume, and its kind of uncomfortable.