Dating blakeney

A.’s Frogtown neighborhood, right around the corner from her own “jungalow.” Blakeney recently gave us an exclusive look into her new and improved workspace. is so new that the architects are still adding onto the building regularly.

“I love that the front door opens all the way so that in the warmer months, we can open up the space and feel like we’re working outdoors,” Blakeney says about her favorite feature of the new office. Blakeney, who moved into the space last September, is only now getting a taste of the warmer months to come. “The landscaping went in last week, and it made a huge difference,” the designer tells us.

”“The Folklore collection is inspired by Beni Ourain rugs, but we wanted to add color to the designs, which are often only found in black on white,” says the designer.

The second collection was inspired by modern shag rugs of the 1970s, and Turkish Tulu rugs, Blakeney rest is a result of Blakeney’s love for thrifting.

The coastal village of Blakeney has plenty of stunning sights to see, and the tower at St Nicholas church provides a panoramic view of the local area.