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2) in unconsolidated glacial and alluvial aquifers during 1999 to determine the regional quality of ground water beneath about 790 mi of developed land and to gain a better understanding of the natural and human factors that affect the water quality (Glass, 2001).

Of the 35 wells sampled, 31 had water analyzed for atmospherically derived substances to determine the ground water’s travel time from its point of recharge to its point of use or discharge—also known as ground-water age.

Agreement of the GC measurements is generally within 20% of the mass spectrometric measurements. N., The isotopic composition of radiogenic helium and its use to study groundwater movement in confined aquifers, Chem.

Measurements and discussion of their origin and mechanisms of vertical transport in the basin.

The relatively low-cost gas-chromatographic analysis of helium prior to submittal of samples for He dating, such as in areas where the old fraction contains mixed mantle and crustal helium sources (Plummer et al, 2000). J., 1979, Inert gases in groundwater from the Bunter Sandstone of England as indicators of age and paleoclimatic trends.