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Every day hundreds of babies are being breastfed outside the home – it is a bit like being pregnant, you don’t notice that anyone else is until it happens to you and then suddenly it seems like everyone is expecting a baby!

So even though babies are feeding when out and about, most of the time we just don’t notice and neither does anyone else.

Today's panellists - which consisted of Nadia, Anita, Andrea Mc Clean and Linda Robson - began the discussion on natural feeding by asking "Would you breastfeed a stranger's child?

Meg Nagle is a Sunshine Coast-based lactation consultant, author and blogger otherwise known as The Milk Meg.

She too, welcomed the attention the #brelfie craze was bringing to breastfeeding, but said she had seen backlash on social media."People saying, 'Oh, I don't want to see this in my newsfeed' but I think we have to remember that most of us really hardly ever see breastfeeding when we're growing up and we hardly ever see it as adults," Ms Nagle said."So having these 'brelfies' posted everywhere, that's how we learn as humans, by seeing it [and] doing 'brelfies' is just another way to spread awareness and to educate."If you are one to cringe at the thought or sight of an infant attached to its mother's breast, you may be suffering from 'lactaboobiephobia'.

It also gives insight of a male's perspective of breastfeeding with regards to awkwardness and sexualisation."As long as a mother covers up with a towel or what, I don't see a problem with it," one man said."It's about nudity and it's about exposure and it would make me feel uncomfortable to see your breasts right now."The man went on to explain that he deemed it more acceptable to see half-naked women in advertisements than a woman breastfeeding in public.

Thanks Short Pump Town Center for trying to shame a nursing mom and try to scare me out of feeding my baby. UPDATE: First I want to say thank you to so many people who have shared messages of support!

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Nadia came under fire for saying that some women don't breastfeed because they simply "can't be bothered".