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New groups are navigating in uncharted waters and some, like Verbow and Rehab, are doing interesting things with melodies and new sounds.

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"Sleep Deprivation" gets a bit monotonous -- and it's too bad -- the lyrical sentiment is somewhat original.

When Jack Ely sang "Louie Louie," the big thing was trying to figure him out, but the vocals are buried so deeply in the mix here you need to read the enclosed liners to figure out what's being sung. It's listenable, but the band seems to have more to give that hasn't been brought out yet.

During this time, 1975-1980, he and Susan Hensley were married and lived in Norman.

Brian was currently serving as a Licensed Mental Health Professional at the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance abuse Services in Norman, OK.

Josh Abraham's production is adequate for 2001, but the incessant Sly Stone "Dance to the Music" riff that bubbles underneath seemed more determined when Janet Jackson ripped it off.