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There are over 110 million people living with STDs in the US as well as an estimated 400 million people worldwide. Meet Positive Singles in Rome TODAY and connect with more than one million singles like you now!

When you’re seriously dating someone, shared values are important.

Especially if you’re looking to build a lasting, lifelong partnership, you’ll likely want to make sure your religious views and backgrounds are compatible with those of your date’s.

The earlier you can cement that bond as a couple, the better your connection will be.

Because, let’s face it, sometimes making new female friends is hard, sometimes harder than dating.

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    The only problem I have with it is the recommended settings for games is usually way off from what I would play them at.

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    That's what my husband and I were doing, working with my brother and my dad. Soldiers and sailors and airmen used to come by the thousands, flush with American dollars to spend on cheap beer and pretty girls, and the pretty girls came by the thousands, too, because the money was so much better than anything else they could do, and sometimes—not often, but with the same frequency that sells lottery tickets—a soldier or a sailor fell in love with a girl he met in a bar and married her and took her away.

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