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Earlier, we covered previously how the Windows Media Center issue can be partially solved in Windows 10 by using alternative apps as mentioned here: "Windows Media Center for Windows 10 – here is a solution".Some of those apps only did some things better than Media Center but being able to record TV, including encrypted, copy-protected content with a cable card tuner, and pause, rewind and fast forward live TV with a gorgeous Microsoft-designed interface was truly unique.

I have exited Windows Media Center, rebooted the computer, but still no TV listings, which means I can't record TV shows (other than waiting for the show to start and manually recording)On my Windows 7 computer, I also got the message about downloading the latest guide listings, which I did, and it was successful.

That tells me it is not a problem with my internet connection or firewall.

For several years Windows Media Center has been working without any problems.

Today, when I went to look at the TV Lisings, a message popped up saying "Guide Listings will be out of date in fewer than 3 days. So I click on the Download button, and a few seconds later I get the message "Guide Listings were downloaded successfully." But, for each TV channel listed, it says "No Data available".

You could also add infinite storage by adding a few huge hard drives and you had integration with the media library collections on your PC.