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Here you can choose Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. We will discuss another option in future tutorials.

Now test your connection; if it is successful then proceed to the next section. Figure 8Next, configure the database table or Stored Procedure from which the data will be retrieved. Here you can choose to order by or use advanced SQL commands. But the code above is not finished until you make a design and data bound for the List View. Data Access in List View Control by SQL Server Now we will learn how to fill a List View by SQL Server queries and ASP.

All Synchronous events end with ‘ing’ letters like Site Deleting, Field Adding, Item Adding etc.

SPWeb Event Receiver Asynchronous Events Share Point Foundation 2010 New Events Microsoft added several new events to Share Point Foundation 2010 on Site, List and Item level.

Data Access in List View Control by SQL Server Express First create a new web page, if you don't know how to create a web page then just see the previous tutorial.