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Have you attempted to date and have relationships and you’re not getting the results you’ve hoped for? ““Hi Ronnie, I had a very enjoyable time at the workshop yesterday.

You gave us so much great information in a relatively short timeframe.

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Now 80, he hasn't published anything in a dozen years, and so his driven Manhattan editor, Clair (Kristin Griffin), dispatches a promising young writer-illustrator, Peter (Rupak Ginn), to Simon's woodsy hideaway to help jump-start, or ideally even finish, a new work.

This seems like a prime set-up for titanic generational clash about art, authorship, creativity, idealism, legacy and more, which John Logan's play "Red" does brilliantly in its story about the artist Mark Rothko and a younger assistant.

Some official* rules: I'd like to avoid expensive things, and I'm not doing anything that involves public nudity or anything illegal. Leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments (and tweet them to me with #Smitten Challenge) and next week I'll debut the final lineup.

Then, each time I complete a task I'll write about the experience and tell you how it went.

Juicy Dating is a dating concept designed specifically for the energy of 2014.