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SABIC is a global leader in diversified chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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They've versioned it at 0.2, and is aiming for parity with the features in the terminal in VSCode for version 1.0. I went into there and edited the file by removing all the comments and changing the background-color to black, the text to white, and adding a font-family choosing Consolas. "Whack" is a shorthand word for a slash (forward or otherwise) and the default hotkey is Ctrl \, Ctrl \. If you want to change the hotkey to something else (like a more sensible Ctrl ~) you can do it in Tools | Options | Keyboard like this.

If you do that, you'll likely need to uninstall/reinstall at some point when REAL customizations come. Then assign a new one by clicking in Press Shortcut Keys and typing "Ctrl `" (which to me, is Ctrl ~ on my keyboard, without the shift) By default the shell is Power Shell, but there's also places to support bash/Ubuntu, etc.

Its difficult because the browsers have their own set of requirements, and they are more restrictive than the IETF.

The requirements used by browsers are documented at the CA/Browser Forums (see references below).

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