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The forest that Stanger pushes us into weekly may be less prettily presented than Shakespeare’s, but it is as real.

The shows where girls and guys get trashed, make fools of themselves, and say ridiculous things, all in the name of finding love.

, the woman called the “Simon Cowell of dating,” is not just a TV host.

Chelsea shared; Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff were brought on for the show only–why Patti, Production and Bravo TV made it seem like this couple who has a history in acting would make viewers believe they were actual C. A former client of Patti’s recently told us that ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ is in complete chaos now! Why would a network pick up Millionaire Matchmaker?

Newly single and ready to mingle, matchmaker Patti Stanger is back in Los Angeles with Chief Operating Officer Destin Pfaff and VP of Matchmaking Rachel Federoff by her side.

Popular dating TV shows have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the most entertaining dating show of all time is.