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Lawrence's much-banned classic early 20th-century novel Lady Chatterley's Lover is about the triumph of physicality over intellectualism—the naked animal body over the human mind.In the latest film adaptation of the book, French director Pascale Ferran underlines the same idea with endless scene-setting shots of nature: snow blowing through the air, a lizard climbing a wall, flowers in a field, drifting clouds, a placid lake surface, chickens wandering loose, the moon, buds emerging after winter, and on and on.

Constance Chatterley (Marina Hands) is a young aristocrat trapped in a lifeless marriage with Clifford (Hippolyte Girardot), a wheelchair-bound war veteran who maintains a wry complacency about his condition.

On doctor’s orders, Constance (who is stricken by 'listlessness") takes to the forest to restore her vitality.

The book was found not to have breached the bill but six decades on is still notoriously one of the most explicit books of all time.

Lady Chatterley's Lover airs on BBC One on Sunday September 6 at 9pm.

John Thomas and Lady Jane, the second and arguably the best of the three versions of Lady Chatterley's Lover that D.