Kim jung eun dating

I’m also a believer that Kim Bum and So Eun had a secret dating/relationship during/after Boys Over Flowers.Here’s an amazing Bum Sso fansite with evidences supporting this theory: out the Trivia section).When you’ve got billions, it’s not likely that you’ll be found at your local store asking the cashier for the cigarettes from behind the counter.

To my surprise, the MV has over 4,200 views and counting.

If you’re one of the viewers, thanks for watching my MV! The main reason why I dedicated the MV to So Eul/Bum Sso (Kim Bum So Eun) fans is because of their loyal support of this couple since Boys Over Flowers aired back in 2009.

I have seen many of these Korean series - Great King Sejong, The Iron Empress, Admiral Yi So Shin, a short five part series about a Korean resistance fighter in WWII China.

About a month ago, I uploaded a music video I made of my favorite Korean drama couple, So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) from Boys Over Flowers.

Instead, he reportedly spends an average $30 million (£21M) each year on importing liquors into the country for his elite circles.