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BIRTHDAY BOY hits 1,000 just hours after he stopped by for some RT fun as he & Rookie Keynan Middleton enlightened us all on what life in the Major League is all about. Keynan went from the Hardwood to the Bullpen & is doing just fineeeee. Birthday Boy, on his 26 Birthday stopped by after a lost night's sleep ... From what Pro Sport is the toughest, to his favorite athletes in the league today, to his love for Philly (Yes, he "trusts the process"), "Trouty is the best" & nothing short of it. That's what we have come across for Episode 38 & it doesn't disappoint.From Rookie traditions to Birthday traditions, life in the NBA & MLB couldn't be more different. Thanks to these two for taking time on Gameday - always welcome! From one Champ to another - RT fam, get to know Lakers Rookie & National Champ (Nova Wildcats) Josh Hart.

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So the crew had lots to talk about as you can imagine but here are a few of the topics we think you'll enjoy a lot: JB's legacy in the hoops coaching world, his finals days w/ The Rockets, meeting his wife Nikki (Thanks to RJ's intro) and the infamous "Irish exits" that's JB was a part of .. Life as "lil Bernie" to now the highly regarded & respected associate head coach that he is in the NBA, enjoy getting to know JB - he's one of a kind!

Road Trippin' "hit the slopes" BIG TIME w/ Episode 36, as Lindsey Vonn - or as Allie refers to her as: the baddest of all badass' - penciled us (you all) in to her hectic & very rigorous schedule to chat a little bit of everything!

’ and he’s like, ‘No you’re going to get over it in one year.’ But I love it.” More here.

My name is Sherry Mason and I am a psychology student at the University of Central Oklahoma.

First up w/ the Rook & who would have known, his 1st love - was hoops. From the game winning shot crowning him a ' National Champ' for life, to being the 30th pick in the NBA draft - Josh allows us to get to know him on a more personal level.