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Here I want to talk about by using the next-gen wechat-jssdk lib to leverage the Wechat JSSDK APIs for H5 or mobile pages that are used in wechat app with the ability to invoke wechat apis and even native apis exposed by wechat app.

wechat-jssdk is a next generation lib with Node JS integration by using ES6 features.

Exceptions that occur later during the broadcast step may result in users' failure to receive your messages.

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Partners List:@organizer @partner A @partner B @..........******************** 4th, do NOT send too many stickers(贴图), as it's not convenient for message reading.

For new comers:1st, replace your group alias with English one before talking with others.2nd, introduce yourself briefly within 2 days after your join.3rd, be polite, do NOT ask too personal things.

We Chat is an instant messaging application and one of the various Communication Channels you can use with Snap Engage to connect with your clients. Once you are logged in click “Next” to move to Step 2 where you will need to fill in your We Chat ID, App ID and App Secret: You need to fill this in with your”Original ID” which you will find on your We Chat admin page in the “Set Up” section and under the “Information Registered” subsection.

Please note that you can configure more than one We Chat accounts per widget. Login to the Admin Dashboard, select the Widget you want to add the We Chat account to and navigate to your Settings tab. Bear in mind this is not the name of your account, but a code, probably something like gh_xxxxxx (“xxx” likely being some numbers).

Signs are starting to emerge that follower growth rates for brand accounts are slowing.

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