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Robots and androids have frequently been depicted or described in works of fiction. (Rossum's Universal Robots), written in 1920 and first performed in 1921.

The word "robot" itself comes from a work of fiction, Karel Čapek's play, R. This list of fictional robots and androids is chronological, and categorised by medium.

Facebook can do a lot of things, but can it also fix your sex life?

That's the goal of Lovely Bot, new Facebook chatbot that engages you in a kind of sex therapy session.

Yep, that's a pretty bizarre sentence we never thought we'd write either, but Stacey was chatting with Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan and Saira Khan about the prospect of introducing an advanced sex doll (Harmony) into tired marriages to stop husbands cheating with… Stacey immediately jumped in, saying: "I feel as if computers haven't stole all of our jobs, now they're going to steal our sex life."Each to their own, if that's what you're into, then that's what you're into.