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Her family consists of father, mother, and her 3 sisters. During those days, she was very active and showed the signs of being a successful person.

She was very active in studies and other things as well.

So if U Up to an good Romantic Comedy I recommend to give this movie a shot it s worth it! ------------------------- Oh I just see 'cause thats my first review that I had to come Up with 10 Lines for an Review .

Hope my bad written English ( i m really bad even after I spend a long time overseas ) so who Cares I will give my best. So an review Yes , OK I love Comedys aspecialy the Style that Group Sex represent. It brought you into the Story easily gave you some Clues straight away so you were eable to follow the characters and the Plot line with no Probs . One of them is an "Player" , the other one is more "normal".

And you, how many times did you cheat on your wife?