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All of these apps are stable and usable, and that reflects not only the multi-year track record of these particular programs, but the overall maturity of IRC itself.Open source freeware, available for Mac OS X and i OS. They’ve been around since 2004 or so, and have grown from a lightweight client into a stable, full-featured one that supports not just IRC but also SILC and ICB.Textual is one of a few truly modern Mac IRC clients, as it uses the App Store, supports Notification Center, Retina displays, and is still being updated regularly (latest release as of this review was November 2012).

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Helium is a multitasker's dream, making it easy to watch your favorite shows without sacrificing any valuable screen real estate or resizing windows. It turns your videos partially transparent while removing your mouse's ability to interact with it, freeing you up to use your mouse to click, scroll, and select anything that resides Cheatsheet is an app that makes using all other apps better.

After Cheatsheet is installed, you can just hold the "⌘" key a bit longer than usual, and Cheatsheet will bring up a list of all active shortcuts in the app you are using.

Note that Paltalk is also confusingly known as Paltalk Scene and on Mac and Linux, where it only works in a web browser, it’s also known as Paltalk Express.

Paltalk is a US based service that claims to have over 4 million users.

It is based on the Xchat 2 code base and therefore Open Source and Free Software.