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By 1766, Wedgwood had been named Potter to Her Majesty, and within just a few years, Queen’s Ware was so ubiquitous that Wedgwood’s competitors, especially those creating goods for the growing markets of the New World, took to calling their products Queen’s Ware, too.Wedgwood’s next big success was another refinement, this time of a style known as Egyptian black.

Wedgwood color dating

Despite its name, Queen’s Ware was not designed for royalty or special occasions. Accordingly, Wedgwood produced Queen’s Ware plates, cups, saucers, bowls, and even candlesticks.

Surfaces were typically gilded or enameled, with designs often taken from nature.

And for the past 22 years, I have sold more Wedgwood at auction than every other auctioneer combined.

I belong to and have lectured on Wedgwood at many of the Wedgwood Societies throughout the US and the UK, as well as numerous other ceramic study groups.

Many of these wares are the more expensive items preferred by more advanced collectors.