Who is memphitz bleek dating

Memphis Bleek Net Worth: Memphis Bleek is an American rapper who has a net worth of 0.

Memphis Bleek is probably most famous for being a rapper and the CEO of his own label, Get Low Records.

Needles to say, they’ve been through a lot in the public eye. According to the Jasmine Brand, Toya has filed for divorce in a Georgia court and luckily, they signed a prenup.

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“' You sure Fat Joe want my number—me—out of everybody?

“' Yo, you think Jay will do the remix to that joint? Rather than answer that question for Hov, he called Jay right after getting off the phone with Fat Joe. As a newly minted label CEO, Bleek signed Manolo Rose and Casanova after putting them on to Hov.

Memphis Bleek was born in Brooklyn, New York, and is long time friends with rapper Jay-Z.

Born Malik Cox on June 23, 1978, Memphis Bleek is primarily known for his tenure at Roc-a-Fella Records and his work as a CEO at his own label Get Low Records.

” The "How To Lose A Husband" author even explained to during an interview why Memp Hitz decided to walk out.