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But that triggered me to do a bit of cyber stalking, so I could learn if she is gay or even queer. The longer explanation, or here’s how online dating works: When you chat online without meeting someone right away, you nurture feelings for the fantasy of them. I always recommend meeting in person quickly if you find someone that interests you, because then you can see if there’s chemistry.

Because there is no gay-related content on her Instagram/Twitter/tumblr! On her Facebook, it says “interested in men” right there openly. I am writing to you because I don’t have any lesbian friends who have experience with online dating. The two of you dragged it out and got over-invested as a result. And the first data was awkward because, hell, they usually are and you have never dated anyone online, maybe anyone ever. So then you went out again, like the next day, because why not?

Also is there in particular anything wrong that I might be doing??

Sounds strange to me that you only get people out other countries, first of all it's connected with your facebook, and second it requires GPS so it can pin point your location. Pretty funny for as I had my first date with a girl from Badoo on Wednesday.

Another thing is that most of the messages appear as "delivered" so out of 40 only about 15-20 messages are actually 'Read'.