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i'll post 'em as they get uploaded, so watch this space! dancers sign up as individuals and have to improvise a dance with a randomly assigned partner to whatever music gets played for them. anything you do with it is not my responsibility, so take that, RIAA! Tagged: thanks to an extremely kind & generous reader, i've procured some ROCKIN' old-school benji vids. *kisses*my ftp program is being a bitch right now, so i'm uploading to megaupload. and i almost thought i'd lost then..may 23, 2006, he showed up on the finale of american idol 5 and surprised the HELL out of an impersonator/fanboi -- and managed to surprise the hell out of me, too.aaaand...turns out, i still love him.*********************************************************falls over*also, any music i've posted here is for preview purposes and you should delete it within 24 hours.I LOVE how the audience goes nuts when Benji is mentioned. He looks much more like a Romero than an Alex, plus it's fun to roll the R's. I'm sure he's a very accomplished dancer, but when that duo gets on stage, I just can't pay attention to anything other than Heidi, you know?

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Which is why I believe an attempted framing of the narrative failed this season. I’ve watched SYTYCD every season since Benji Schwimmer’s year and win (season two), and I know what dancers have been through there.

Lauren Froderman is eighteen years of age, a recent high school graduate, and is from Phoenix, Arizona. Alison Holker, one of this year’s All-Stars (dancers from previous seasons who did not win, but impressed the judges, and were brought back to dance with this season’s eleven finalists), was probably the best all-around female dancer they’ve ever had — and she was in season two’s cast. SYTYCD is brutal, as shown by the fact that two dancers this season came up with severe injuries (Alex Wong, Ashley Galvan) and two more had injuries which, while not season-ending, didn’t help them (Lauren Froderman was injured two or three weeks from the end with a concussion and severe dehydration but danced anyway, while Billy Bell had to take a week off due to a knee problem).

Heidi Groskreutz finished in 4th place, though it wasn't all sad news for her family.

Season 2's winner, Benji Schwimmer, is Heidi's cousin.

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