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What makes our formula unique is that the ion concentration is the same as your body fluids, it is “isotonic”.

Other lubricants have too high or too low of an ion concentration and this damages sperm, irreversibly on contact.

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While every woman in the situation needs to do what is right for her, we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you start a conversation about an unplanned pregnancy if you’re looking for a little guidance.

If you are emotionally close with your partner, you may feel comfortable telling him that you think you may be pregnant, before you confirm whether or not that’s true.

While these wounds can be healed, they still cause great damage and hurt in relationships.

My unmarried sister who lives about 800 miles away was talking to my parents on the phone…I heard her tell my parents she was pregnant.

Why is Pre~Seed the only vaginal dryness relief product that can be used while trying-to-conceive? I had federal funding (NIH) for years to study infertility, and working with these couples, I found a serious need for a vaginal dryness relief product that would not harm sperm.

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