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The initial response — a coordinated 30-day cybersecurity “sprint” launched by the Office of Management and Budget — was somewhat successful in implementing new security requirements, such as scanning for threat indicators, immediately patching critical vulnerabilities, and implementing two-factor authentication.

The White House Cybersecurity National Action Plan established a new role of a federal chief information officer and requested a governmentwide cyber spending increase.

Although, you can also use just about any FTP client for this approach, such as the USB ones I wrote about for when you’re on the road. Many of you that are familiar with basic HTML will recognize the old Marquee code that initiates the scrolling text along the top of your webpage.

The code looks like this: You’ll need to edit the background and text color, and font styles to match your website and to give it a professional look and feel.

The Vermont senator will soon introduce a new bill for single-payer health care.