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Prescription testosterone may double your risk of suffering a heart attack. If that wasn't bad enough, the manufacturers of these low T medications failed to warn users of the dramatic increase in risk for suffering a life-threatening injury like deep vein thrombosis and/or heart attack Commercials flooded the airwaves telling men who had low energy and/or low sex drive that they may be suffering from "Low T", a condition related to lower-than-normal levels of testosterone. Take a testosterone prescription medication like Andro Gel, Androderm, Axiron, Testim, etc.In fact, many men have reported from suffering an Androgel heart attack after taking the popular prescription drug. Unfortunately, what the commercial failed to reveal was a major risk of suffering a heart attack after taking a testosterone drug.The Norfolk Local Office is open for charge receipts Monday through Thursday from a.m. You must arrive two hours before closing to assure same day service.

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"I work well with a wide variety of clients from adolescence through adults, women, men, or trans, straight or gay, and couples or individuals.

Many patients are experiencing Low T side effects such as serious cardiovascular injuries, including heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, and so forth.

Our Low T heart attack attorneys have been following the flood of news reports about these serious side effects and are extemely concerned that thousands of men could be effected.

The Journal of the American Medical Association publishged a study that evaluated cardiovascular injuries of men who were prescribed testosterone drugs compared to men not taking testosterone medication.