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He became well known for his mix of outrageous field reports in clubs and bars and mature advice on the club scene and relationships.

Brad became a pick up artist trainer to teach guys how to be successful with women in 2005.

On the day of the party, eager citizens approached the palace only to encounter the deep rows of thorn bushes. Those who made it past the bushes then found themselves face to face with the wild animals. He turned to her and said, “Shimona, you will face many obstacles in your life. But they are tests customized for your growth and benefit.

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Mama's boys are the type of men who have never grown up.

These men haven't had a woman at the age of ten teach them that women, animals and things are not on the planet for his own pleasure.

Well, good guys are not always the best fits for women, as modern women love to think the thing that way.

At times, bad boys manage to cast such beguiling appeals that women can hardly resist.

We give respect where respect is due, and we have had the pleasure to work with some of the best parenting educators from around the world.