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The 78 people arrested by Florida deputies between Jan.

One man even walked by two others being collared outside a hotel, yet still met with an undercover officer in her room, where he opened the blinds and watched the arrests, according to The Miami Herald.

” Some social media users came to Kidman’s defense, offering up theories that she clapped in the way she did because of the bulky and bling-y rings she wore to the Sunday night show.

“People making fun of Nicole Kidman’s clapping have obviously never worn rings on both hands that could break or pinch when clapping.#Oscars,” @OKCTuxiecat tweeted.

His strike rate eclipses Fowler and Rush, and only injury has prevented the record books being rewritten already. Stephane Henchoz It is often overlooked how Henchoz and Hyypia turned a poor Liverpool defence into one of Europe’s best at the start of the millennium.