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The Second Edition, with great Additions and Improvements- LONDON: Printed for J. In fhort, all thofe who have either intereft or curiofity to know #ny thing of the tranfactions of the world, or are defirous of A 2 forming sv PREFACE. different events, which happen in the times of war or peace, ought not to be ignorant of geography. The women wear a fort of apron, made of plaited reeds, and cover their moulders with the fkins of beafls, with 4 fort of net- work on their heads. Call en, a town of Ireland, in the county of Kilkenny, and province of Lein- fter, 10 miles S.

Merchants and traders fought certainly to ftudy it, becaufe it afiifts them in taking pru- dent meafures in order to eftablifh a beneficial commerce. Their weapons are bows, arrows, and javelins, which they always carry in their hands; for they are often at war with each other. Callioo, a river of Spain, in Arragon, that rifes in Mount Gavas, near the county of Bigorre.

Great spot for reading a book or accidentally spilling something all over someone you wish you had an excuse to talk to.

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Also, the stage announcements and crowd noises are better than most.

B The Concert for Bangla Desh [Apple, 1971] The five rock sides--not counting of Ravi Shankar, who has one-fourth of the music in this piece of rock history--average about thirteen minutes.

They host nifty events, serve good coffee and tea, and yes, you can totally get a beer (as long as you eat something).

Fierté Montréal Pride FACT: Montréal Pride = awesome.

The first principle of alphabetic writing or printing was the representation of each sound by a simple character or letter, so that these letters or elemental parts, when combined, would be the counterpart of the spoken word a picture of the word itself.