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I have difficulty expressing myself with actual words, so I compensate for my inadequacies by using made up words and hope that no one questions it.

In the likely event that someone DOES question it, I will react as if they are laughably out of touch.

, translated as The Grouch, The Misanthrope, The Curmudgeon, The Bad-tempered Man or Old Cantankerous) is an Ancient Greek comedy by Menander, the only one of his plays, and of the whole New Comedy, that has survived in almost complete form.

It was first presented at the Lenaian festival in 317–16 BC, where it won Menander the first-place prize.

mother, a hopeless shop assistant and the usual survival pack of medication, he follows the trail of a missing stuffed dog to track some of the most important figureheads in the land of a cover-up operation.48) The circular hegemony supporting the "Irregular Penal Laws" is even parroted by the story's ostensibly progressive narrator: "I for my part have never known an Irregular who was not also what Nature evidently intended him to be--a hypocrite, a Christmas past, present and now the future, with a fresh festive take on Dickens' tale; It's been enjoyed by millions since first being published in 1843, so is there anything new left to say when adapting Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol for the stage?