Sex on web camp hind partners - Symantec endpoint protection manager 11 x not updating virus definitions

I'll start working on something unless someone else has a better idea than parsing all of the files and getting the most recent [email protected]][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url, that appears to just get you the app version.

Also, I'm running into a weird issue where the client says it's being managed and it's connected to the right server, but the management console isn't seeing it. Not knowing what versions you are using, I can only speculate based on our own experience.

In fact it isn't seeing any of the Mac clients that have SEP on them. In our environment we are still on SEP 11 reporting in to a SEPM console.

There appears to be logic to the naming conventions but nothing I would rely on.

Plus, you will need to have code that can handle the old version and the new version if you have a mixed environment like I do.

Whole-disk encryption, also known as full-disk encryption, is the practice of encrypting a computer's entire hard drive in order to prevent unauthorized access.