Dating when you have roommates

Confirmed roommates' priorities (primarily based on university admission application dates) will be averaged and roommates will be assigned together accordingly if both housing applications are completed by the priority deadline.

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Dating when you have roommates

I was on the hunt for the elusive perfect roommate.

And doing so required a courtship process more serious than any kind of romantic dating: It's all the work of dating, only you have to literally live with this person.: If it feels like each new visit to Facebook yields more "Gotta find a roomie" posts than the last, you're onto something: Roommates have replaced spouses as the people we most commonly share our 20-something homes with.

Quit worrying about us putting the seat down and start worrying about where you're going to live next when the hair straightener you forgot to turn off for the third day in a row burns the damn house to the ground. I don't need any other reminders left casually on the top of the trash can, unexposed. Try to leave as little evidence of yourself behind as possible.

If this happens, I'm going to insist on taking you to the emergency room. This pertains to shaving (both upstairs and downstairs), toothpaste spray on the mirror, your misfire all over the ground around the toilet and any number of unpleasant smells. I know women do this just as much as guys in some cases, but I'm putting the blame on us most of the time for not cleaning up after a rough night out.

Roommate Requests The following conditions must exist before roommate preferences can be honored: (1) both students must request each other and (2) a vacant double occupancy room must exist.