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Users can provide documents to the site, such as government-issued ID cards and paychecks, to back up their claims.

Of course, the societal expectation that you’ll act a certain way because of your race is true for all people. Benjamin Tong, professor and psychotherapist at California Institute of Integral Studies, lays it out like this in the series: “In the white community, Latina women are [seen as] hot, difficult to control, exotic but fiery. The questions are simple and straightforward like, “What is yellow fever? ” Perhaps because of this balanced approach, Lum was able to get some pretty fucked up answers out of her subjects.

It seems that some of the men she interviewed assumed she was not an investigative filmmaker, but just another quiet Asian woman with no opinion. Her project will likely open the eyes of a number of populations, including quite possibly the population of men who “are just more attracted to Asian women”—and get them to dig deeper and ask themselves what they are really attracted to (SPOILER: power).

Lum’s engaging documentary series makes it clear that there are a ton of men “afflicted with the fever.” In one notable segment, Sheridan Prasso, the author of talks about a bit of online research she did around the subject.

Of all the fetish porn sites out there (leather, feet, redheads, hamburgers), Prasso found that Asian women fetishes exceed—by far—any other fetishes. is a great starting point for exploring and recognizing the issues around race, expectations, and sexuality.

, filmmaker Debbie Lum interviews dozens of people about “yellow fever” ’— the specific obsession many Western men have with Asian culture.

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