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- the cult drama that proved to be one of last year's surprise hits - returns to UK screens tonight courtesy of Watch, so Digital Spy got on the phone to one of the show's stars - Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe - for an exclusive chat.In our interview below, Silas talks about the success of How did you feel about the success of Grimm's first season?He has already reached the age of twenty seven and is really dashing.

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Wu is one of the few characters on “Grimm” unaware that Wesen exist.

This past Friday he got the shock of his life when his friend’s unborn baby was almost eaten by one.

Then you get picked up for 13 [episodes] and you're hoping you're going to get the back nine of the 22 episodes. It was a relief but the real feeling of like, 'Alright they're behind us, this audition phase is done', was when we were the first show picked up for a second season which was very surprising.

We kind of had humble origins."Can you give a few hints about what is coming up for Monroe in season two?

* The title of ‘world’s deadliest snake’ has long been contested, and remains difficult to adjudicate.