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intelligence officials had determined that the Russian government purposely meddled in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump win, partisan sources recirculated four-year-old stories about a 2012 incident in which President Obama was overheard whispering to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he (Obama) would have more flexibility to negotiate after the U. The occasion was a joint press opportunity with Medvedev prior to a global nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea.

Per news reports at the time, the incident happened as described.

The exchange, parts of it inaudible, was monitored by a White House pool of television journalists as well as Russian reporters listening live from their press center. Mr Putin said earlier this month that Washington’s refusal to offer Moscow written guarantees that its missile defence system would not be aimed against Russia deepened its concerns.

Obama’s intended off-the-record assurances to the transitioning Russian leadership were roundly criticized by his political opponents, who feared it signaled a lack of resolve on the president’s part.

News outlines what may have happened with Flynn, Russia and Trump After the interview, then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates told the White House Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail because of inconsistencies between his public statements and what intelligence officials knew to be true, the report said.

The White House's acknowledgment that it knew about Flynn's conversation weeks ago — and that he'd misled Pence and other Trump administration officials about it — raises questions about why he was allowed to remain national security adviser for weeks afterwards. Flynn's private conversations with Russia that seemed aimed at undercutting the Obama administration's sanctions against the country are a breach of government conduct and potentially broke the law.

I'll look into that," Trump said Friday when asked about the Washington Post's report that Flynn had talked to Russia's ambassador about then-President Obama’s sanctions against the country before Trump's inauguration.