Updating globe ligths

Globes are measured by diameter: A straight line through the widest point of the sphere.

While many non-illuminated globes can "gimble" or spin end over end along a vertical plane, most illuminated globes can only rotate the horizon ring within the stand, somewhat inhibited by the electrical cord.

It’s a great subtle, not too shiny, antique-y gold. I went to Home Depot and bought eight of these: …nearly $10 each. This means my cheapo lighting update (I already had the spray paint) cost me EIGHTY DOLLARS.

Now, I likely would have spent a good bit more on a light fixture or fixtures that would look good over that giant vanity, and there would have been wall patching and maybe wiring stuff to deal with, but still…..

As I mentioned, there are two other light fixtures in the room (and 2 big windows).