scripture on dating as a christian - Xbox froze while updating

I logged in and was prompted to do an update, so I did. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it didn't make a difference.The update got stuck at 90% as it said 'applying update'. It just attempted to load like usual then went to the red light.

xbox froze while updating-48

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Simply just launch the game once the xbox loads to the sign in screen (unless you have automatic sign might be screwed), launch the game, and then choose your gamer profile.

I haven’t had any problems with the game so far, but i dont wanna try going to the dashboard yet to fuck it up.i have no problem booting up my xbox however thats without the hdd, with the hdd it freezes when i try to sign into xbox live... (want to play online but cant cuz i cant sign into live as its on my hdd)I haven't noticed this, but I have had both Blops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 freeze on me since I updated.

I've tried using my work HDD, no different, no network, nada, no disc in, zip!