Dating in meath

Please note that access to the sites is via the visitor centre only.Standing proudly and defiantly on the banks of the river Boyne, Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman Castle in Europe.Inside the tomb itself, there is a 19 metre long inner passage which leads to the cruciform burial chamber.

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It was on the banks of this famous river that the Celtic chieftain William of Orange defeated the Catholic armies of exiled James II of England in 1690.

In fact this whole area just north of Dublin is soaked in stories and myths that predate the pyramids.

A unique style of megalithic petroglyphs are seen there, including lozenge shapes, leaf shapes, as well as circles, some surrounded by radiating lines.

The site is spread across three hilltops, Carnbane East, Carnbane West, and Patrickstown.

Newgrange was built some 5,300 years ago; this holy place is one of the oldest built structures in the world, pre-dating the Pyramids by 500 years and Stonehenge by 1,500 years.