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Borrowers must also attend a homebuyer education course.

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For the scholarly study of the life of Jesus, see Historical Jesus. Robertson (1856–1933) Thomas Whittaker (1856–1935) Arthur Drews (1865–1935) Paul-Louis Couchoud (1879–1959) Alvin Boyd Kuhn (1880–1963) In modern scholarship, the Christ myth theory is a fringe theory not supported by any tenured specialists in biblical criticism or cognate disciplines.

For analysis of information supporting the historical existence of Jesus, see Historicity of Jesus and Sources for the historicity of Jesus. The Christ myth theory contradicts the mainstream historical view, which is that while the gospels include many mythical or legendary elements, these are religious elaborations added to the biography of a historical Jesus who did live in 1st-century Roman Palestine, A number of writers adduce various arguments to show that Christianity has syncretistic or mythical roots.

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